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Sergio Tacchini Tracksuit 1980s

This Tracksuit from Tacchini is an unequaled addition to your eighties lifestyle, it is a colorblock design with a two part Tracksuit style. The Tracksuit is produced from 100% cotton and renders a comfortable fit, it is a terrific substitute for a day out in the sun.

Sergio Tacchini Tracksuit 80s

This is a Tacchini Tracksuit men's large p2 p 20 tracksuit, it's made of fabric and it's comfortable to wear. You'll grove on the look of this Tracksuit when you wear it, this Tacchini vintage Tracksuit is a mint! It's top for any occasion! If your scouring for an accessorized Tracksuit splendid this one is a top-grade partner for your style. The Tracksuit with its enticing fit and high-quality nylon fabric will make you look and feel like a boss, the blue is an outstanding color to go with any outfit and the Tracksuit is sure to be a popular addition to your wardrobe. Tacchini was a world-renowned racing driver and who is now a retired life coach, this rare vintage Tracksuit jacket is from the 80 s and is a sensational addition to your retro Tacchini collection. The size is 56" in circumference and is fabricated of nylon which makes it comfortable and strong, it offers a large hood with a comfortable zippered cuff, and a small pocket at the front for an iphone 7 plus card. This Tacchini Tracksuit jacket is an outstanding addition to you rocks and is sure to add a touch of luxury to your outfit.